Toilet Shims-How to Shim, Plastic Vs Rubber

 Toilet Shims-How to Shim, Plastic Vs Rubber

 The Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make When Installing a Toilet!

Toilet shims are essential items that many people need in their bathrooms. They are used to create a smooth surface when installing the toilet. Unfortunately, toilet shims are also very difficult to find. Most of them are made of plastic and are not very durable. They can also get clogged up with hair or other things over time. There are many different types of toilet shims available. Some of them are made of rubber, some are made of wood, and some are even made of stainless steel. Toilet Shims-How to Shim, Plastic Vs Rubber

 I am going to discuss Toilet Shims-How to Shim, Plastic Vs Rubber

What are Toilet Shims?

Installation: How Can You Shim a Toilet?

Uses of Toilet Shims

Plastic vs Rubber Toilet

Best Toilet Shims

Multi-Purpose Nylon Plastic Shims

Wobble Wedges Flexible Plastic Shims

Wadoy Shims

Patelai Plastic Shims

Yeejoy Rubbery Clear Shims

What are Toilet Shims?

A shim is an in-between wedge-shaped piece of material used to make objects level or fit more easily into spaces.

The material can be plastic, rubber, or wood.

I prefer the toilets which are made of plastic and rubber. I’ve learned the benefits of using these products for my own good.

Shims come in different sizes and numbers. You can use as few or as many as you like.

There are packages of commercial shims from four pieces to eight, and even thirty.

A small dog is between 7.5 to 9 inches long and is usually about an inch or less in diameter.

A shim can be as long as 12 or 16 inches, depending on the type, use, and brand, and its thickness can vary from 1/4″ to 3

Installation: How Can You Shim a Toilet?

It’s important to gather the right tools for this project.

In order to find an opening or a gap between the toilet and the floor, locate one where there’s a gap.

Place the shim adjacent to the gaping area.

You’ll need a lot of patience to make this one, but they’re not easy to come by.

A rubber mallet is a great tool for driving shims. You may use it to drive a shim far enough into the opening to

Because it’s rubber or plastic, you can use a screwdriver to remove the excess part away.

If you have an old credit card or plastic you want to recycle, simply take it to any post office or your local recycling center, and they

Uses of Toilet Shims

A toilet flange is a part that goes on top of a toilet, allowing it to function properly.

This toilet is designed to fit between the spacing to even out the height and make sure the toilet does not rock back and forth.

Plastic plumbing shims can be used in many other places in the bathroom, such as around the sink faucet, in the bathtub, in the toilet bowl, and in the shower or tub drain.

Bathtub installation could be tricky, especially if you are not an expert in that kind of job. However, we’ll show you how to install the bathtub without requiring the use of shims.

For most bathtub installations, the only thing that would be softer and more flexible than rubber is a rubber mallet. Level bathroom vanities. If your bathroom vanity is wobbly or dangles up and down, toilet shims are the solution. These plastic shims make your vanity level so it won’t wobble.

There are different size gaps for each person, depending on the size of their gaps.

There’s no point in using wooden shims if there’s no water getting in the washing machine.

Get a set of flat-bottomed or low-heeled shoes to prevent scuffing your floors and ensure an even wear pattern.

The problem with pipes is that they always make a sound, no matter how many plastic shims or rubber shims you put in between the floor joist and the pipe, it will continue to make a noise.

Pipe hangers can be used to cushion pipes and appliance wires to prevent vibration, but they’re often used on pipe walls, where you can’t see the pipe hanger.

The best use of the toilet shim is the toilet itself, but, because of the plastic or rubber material, it can be used in any other wet area in the house.

Plastic vs Rubber Toilet

This means the rubber and plastic shims that have been used interchangeably are completely the same.

There are two materials that you can use for your toilet shimming: metal and plastic.

You can use either option in the bathroom because they’re waterproof and won’t rot or deteriorate.

Do you know where rubber shims come from? They’re made out of post-consumer recycled plastic (PUR), which is a blend of PET and PP that’s not made in China or Malaysia.

Rubber shims are definitely more stable and durable than foam shims.

They come in two varieties—hard and soft plastic.

I have to tell you, it’s not that difficult to use the shim in a drill press.

Unfortunately, plastic shims can’t be stacked together or glued to each other like rubber.

This means that if you don’t find the right height of shims, you’re much better off getting the rubber shims that can be stacked together.

The best friction tape is one that keeps the gloves tightly together, so there are no slips and falls.

Another disadvantage of plastic shims is that they are overly slippery and not as stable as metal shims to be relied on.

If you want to avoid buying a new shim then you should use this tool to cut a custom-sized shim from the original shim.

That’s where the rubber is, and it’s quite easy to cut and hide away.

The rubber shim is made from high-grade elastomers. It is very durable and it has good adhesion to the floor.

Rubber shims are made of rubber, which is more flexible than hard plastic and softer than porcelain.

Best Toilet Shims

Multi-Purpose Nylon Plastic Shims

Plastic shims are versatile for holding or securing things. This product from Qualihome is made with plastic shims that are very versatile.

They can be used to stabilize the floor and the toilet, too.

They come in an eight pack with a width of 1 to 1.8 inches and a thickness of two inches.

Features It’s made of stainless steel – they are sturdy, light-weight, and easy to handle.

Plastic construction – its clear plastic shims offer sustenance, sturdiness, and longevity.


  • It’s very easy to use and install, plus it’s extremely durable thanks to its plastic construction. With their ribbed design, these bowls can stack on each other. A very durable plastic that can be used for heavy-duty applications. Easy to cut.


  • You should be able to wear this top for a while. 

Wobble Wedges Flexible Plastic Shims

Wobble Wedges is a well-renowned brand for all of your home improvement needs, from installing crown molding and new windows to creating a smooth, level concrete floor or installing a new laminate floor.

Some of the ads say that the device will make a smooth transition from soft, plush seating into hard-backed seating.

  1. The pack includes 30 clear soft plastic soft rubber shims with interlocking ridges that measure about

2.92 inches against

3.11 inches against

4.25 inches each.

Guaranteed – you’ll get no scratches or damage to your porcelain and other bathroom appliances.

Interlocking technology- this makes the shims to be easily and securely stacked.

This online store offers the option of product customization to suit the needs of all customers.

This patented grab bar is ergonomic and offers excellent support, it’s easy to use, and comes in a variety of sizes, depending on the size of your shower and the height of your bathtub.

The products can be used independently or stacked together in any combination or orientation to level, tilt, lift, twist, tighten, align, separate, cushion, bend, protect, or silence.


  • Easy installation
  • Many in the pack 
  • Flexible
  • Soft 


  • not bare heavyweights.

Wadoy Shims

The Wadoy plastic toilet leveling multi-purpose shims are next on my list. It’s a great little product at an affordable price.

Features The rubber cup provides support, protection, and a good grip while the wide base helps eliminate sliding.

You don’t need to spend a fortune buying expensive replacement shims, nor do you have to replace the shims every time they get damaged.


  • We are so confident that these high-end bags will make you look your best that we offer an amazing


  • Very few 
  • Very thin 

Patella Plastic Shims

The Patella brand offers this unique plastic soft furniture leveling shim that comes in two sets of 15. You’ll see that there are different sizes of the white transparent shims and the white plastic shims.

These shims are useful for toilet leveling. They give a humanized look and provide more stability. This product has an anti-slip feature: multiple plastic shims can be stacked and locked together without slipping.

Bendable design – this type of shim exhibits high elasticity and toughness. It can be bent without breaking.


  • Sturdy 
  •  variety available
  •  nice compression resistance


  •  thin.

Yeejoy Rubbery Clear Shims

Yeejoy’s eight-piece clear rubber shims have one of the greatest deals you’ll ever find. In fact, it’s one of the best prices you’ll find for a product like this. They are

2.96 inches long,

3.2 inches wide, and

4.4 inches thick.

Benefits Stable, eco-friendly, and impervious to water and insect damage Long-lasting and reliable – no damage from water or insects Ideal for wet and dry areas

This type of design helps to provide an anti-slip base, allowing the shims to be stacked against each other.


  • Versatile 
  • Stackable
  • Easy to use 


  • Requires stacking 


It’s not uncommon to find yourself in the bathroom wondering why the toilet seat doesn’t stay up. For some reason, it always seems to fall back down. You may have heard of shims, but you probably don’t know how to use them. We have shown you how to install a shim, which is the simplest and most effective way to keep your toilet seat up. We have talked about Toilet Shims-How to Shim, Plastic Vs Rubber


 1. What is the difference between a plastic shim and a rubber shim?

A plastic shim is made of hard plastic. It is very durable, but it is also not as flexible as a rubber shim. A rubber shim is made of natural rubber. It is more flexible than a plastic shim.

2. Why do I need to use shims?

Shims are used to make the toilet seat level with the floor. When the toilet seat is raised, the seat is not as stable, and it can wobble.

3. How do I measure the height of my toilet?

To measure the height of your toilet, you will need a measuring tape. You will want to measure from the bottom of the rim to the top of the lid.

4. How do I know if my toilet is shimmed?

If your toilet is shimmed, you will see the plastic or rubber shims in the toilet seat area.

5. What’s the best way to install shims?

You will need a pair of pliers to install shims. You will want to place the shims on top of the toilet seat.

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