Sewer Smell from Toilet, When Flushed, Causes & How to Eliminate

How to Stop The Sewer Smell From Your Toilet?

 The Solution For The Sewer Smell From Toilet Is Here!

A sewer smell is one of the worst smells you can experience. If you are dealing with this issue, you should know that it is caused by a number of factors, including a clogged toilet, a blocked drain, a leaky pipe, or a malfunctioning toilet tank. We will solve Sewer Smell from Toilet, When Flushed, Causes & How to Eliminate

 I am going to discuss Sewer Smell from Toilet, When Flushed, Causes & How to Eliminate

Why Toilet Smells like Sewage when Flushed

You don’t use the toilet frequently enough

A broken wax ring

A blockage in the toilet

Small drainpipe

Poor plumbing

Other Causes of the Sewer Gas/Smell from Toilet (when not Flushed)

Cracked toilet Bowl

Poor venting

Bad bacteria in the toilet

New Toilet Smells like Sewage

How to Eliminate Toilet Sewer Odor

1. Use the toilet more frequently

2. Replace the wax ring

3. Unclog the toilet

4. Replace the drain pipe

5. Replace the toilet Bowl

6. Properly vent the toilet

7. Use bleach to clean the toilet

Tips & Ideas to Prevent the Sewer Smell

Why Toilet Smells like Sewage when Flushed

Some of the reasons your toilet has a sewer smell when you flush it include the following:

You don’t use the toilet frequently enough

You may notice this when the toilet is found in the basement, a second home, or a room in the house that isn’t used often.

The toilet gets clogged due to this, and you end up spending your whole day removing it from your house, wasting your precious time and energy.

The water in the P-trap acts as a seal against sewer gases that can come up from the drain pipe.

When the level of the water drops down in this pipe, it allows sewer gases from the pipe into the toilet bowl.

That’s what you smell when you flush the toilet.

A broken wax ring

The wax ring of your toilet is located in the space between the toilet seat and the floor and connects it to the toilet’s drainpipe

You’ll never have a problem if this wax ring seals off your sink or bathroom, preventing the leakage of water and sewer gases to the outside.

If you don’t use a wax ring to close your toilet, water can leak and gases can escape to the outside.

If you sit down on the toilet and it rocks, you can tell that the wax ring is compromised.

This is because the water in the tank has been replaced by fresh water from a source of water outside the home.

A blockage in the toilet

You’ll discover the best ways to prevent a clog so that your toilet can work properly.

This will often hold up the waste making it easy for the foul odors to flow back into the home.

This may also be due to poor plumbing. Poor plumbing can mean that your drain pipes aren’t given enough slope to allow waste to flow naturally to the sewer.

If your toilets don’t work, you might as well just flush the toilet paper down the drain because the wastewater that comes out of your toilet is not clean.

Small drainpipe

A drainpipe means that waste will have a hard time getting into the sewer line.

A blocked toilet can make it very easy for bad smells and wastes to build up in the tank, which is why this is a good reason to replace your toilet.

This problem is caused by a clogged toilet. It’s a good idea to get in touch with your local plumber to fix the problem.

Poor plumbing

Poor plumbing in general is often the result of an issue with the pipes. You may have issues with the drain, circumference, or slope of the pipes, which can lead to a number of different issues with the toilet.

Water may be seeping into the walls of your home through leaks in the pipe, a poorly designed toilet, and other problems.

Other Causes of the Sewer Gas/Smell from Toilet (when not Flushed)

Possible reasons why you might smell sewer gas indoors yet you haven’t even flushed the toilet include:

Cracked toilet Bowl

Though rare, it is a possibility that your toilet seat can crack due to heavy usage or carrying too much weight.

Cracks like this can lead to leaks from the toilet. They should be fixed immediately.

The toilet is the only bathroom fixture that will break under normal circumstances. If it’s not taken care of correctly, it can lead to a major disaster.

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Poor venting

Venting is the release of air pressure in a system. This is helpful for maintaining a level of pressure within a pipe to prevent it from collapsing.

In the absence of a way to vent the toilet, sewage gas builds up inside the drain pipe and can easily escape to the house when flushed, or when not flushed.

Some other signs of poor venting of the toilet include bubbles in the toilet, the toilet taking long to flush, and ghost flushing.

Bad bacteria in the toilet

The drain pipe is filled with lots of bacteria and some of which emit awful smells when they break down wastes.

If you want the toilet to smell nice, the environment needs to be right.

In warm and humid areas it’s common to see clouds of insects in the air.

New Toilet Smells like Sewage

There are parts that are required to be installed to the toilet correctly so it doesn’t stink. In the installation process, there might have been issues with the parts, which may have caused the toilet to stink.

Incorrect installation and broken parts result in leakage openings that let water and sewer gas escape.

You can call a plumber or find a professional online to fix your toilet. They’re not that hard to find if you need help.

How to Eliminate Toilet Sewer Odor

For the issues discussed above, their respective solutions are as follows:

1. Use the toilet more frequently

For the times when the toilet stays for so long that the water in the P-trap evaporates, you will need to use the toilet more often to keep the water in the P-trap replenished. This can be as easy as a flush at least once every week to keep the water fresh and at the right amount.

2. Replace the wax ring

It may be easier to replace the wax ring of the toilet if you have a plumber with the right equipment. The first step to replacing the wax ring is turning off the water to the toilet tank.

Flush the toilet and let it drain completely. Then, hold the handle down to remove all of the water from the toilet tank.

If there’s still water in the toilet tank, open the lid then soak it up with a piece of cloth until the tank is free of water.

There is a wrench that you need to remove the bolts holding the toilet to the floor.

The nuts, not the bolts will come off after loosening them.

Hold the toilet bowl with both hands then gently push and pull it up and down.

It’s easy to clean and comes off easily when you want to clean it up.

You should make sure to put your Amazon order on a cushion to protect the toilet porcelain from any scratches that could break yourorder.

  • Using a putty knife, gently remove the wax ring from the opening of the drain pipe. Use this cleaning method to remove any traces of wax residue and dirt from your bathroom toilet. Clean the drains well to make sure that they are in good working order before you apply a new wax ring. Fit the new wax ring into the opening of the drainpipe by pushing the plastic cone towards the drain with your fingers. Make sure the bolts are facing up while installing your toilet seat. In this stage also, you may add any glue, seal, or gasket that you think will make the seal around the base of the toilet better. You should also use a toilet seat cleaner to keep your toilet seat clean and germ-free. Lift up the toilet seat to slide it over the T bolts. Use a wrench to tighten the bolts on the base of the toilet and then use caulk to seal the base of the toilet.
  • Turn on the shutoff valve to allow the water into the toilet tank again. You check to see if the toilet’s wax ring is in good shape

3.  Unclog the toilet

When the toilet becomes clogged it’s time to use a plunger, toilet auger or wire to push down the blockage.

Sometimes toilet clogs require a bit of cleaning and flushing to get rid of the blockage.

If the blockage is too deep in your drain pipe you may need to call a plumber.

4.  Replace the drain pipe

It’s not possible to replace the drainpipe if it is too small. Instead, you will need to remove the toilet in its entirety, and replace it with a new toilet.

Plumbing is tough work, and it’s not always easy to get into a project. But this is one of the things that the plumber should do as it is delicate work.

This is not something that you need to do by yourself.

5. Replace the toilet Bowl

When the toilet bowl is cracked, you will simply need a new one. The procedure for replacing the toilet is similar to that of replacing the toilet wax ring save for the fact that you will be putting back a new toilet seat rather than the old one and won’t be necessarily replacing the wax ring. Make sure the toilet seat you bought is compatible with the fixtures on the floor of your toilet.

6. Properly vent the toilet

If you’re going to add a venting pipe on the drain pipe or add a venting device indoors, then you should make sure

Trying to flush the toilet is a daunting task that needs lots of details.

Whether you want to take a few shortcuts or go all out with a complete overhaul, we highly recommend employing the services of a qualified technician.

7. Use bleach to clean the toilet

Household cleaners work fine for eliminating bacteria in the toilet, but you should add bleach to the process to make it more effective.

Tips & Ideas to Prevent the Sewer Smell

To keep the sewer gases out of the house, always add caulk to the toilet base, fix anything below the toilet, and buy enough toilet paper.

Pour hot water into the toilet and the shower drain at least once a week.

To unclog your toilet, you’ll want to flush it once every week. This helps prevent water from backing up in your pipes.

Sewer gas fumes are not usually dangerous, but if you’re worried, you can use an airtight canister or just use a toilet lid.

Inspect the pipe on the roof to see if there are any cracks that could allow air to enter through the roof.

It’s very important to make sure that your home’s plumbing system isn’t clogged or clogged.

Toilets don’t just need to be clean, they also need to be kept clean.

Always follow local plumbing regulations when installing toilets and other household appliances. This will ensure that the work you do won’t have an adverse impact on the house.

Easy tips to add to your daily routine that offer tremendous benefits.


Sewer smell from the toilet is a problem that most people face at some point in their life. It is caused by the bacteria that live in our sewers, which is flushed into our toilets when we flush. When the sewage mixes with the water of the toilet, it produces a foul smell. This can be a problem for anyone, but it is especially troublesome for people who have allergies or are pregnant. The sewer smell from the toilet can be a very unpleasant and disgusting experience. In this article, we will discuss the causes of sewer smell from toilets, how to eliminate sewer smell from toilets, and also the solutions for sewer smell from toilets.


1. What’s the difference between a sewer and a drain?

A sewer is a manhole or a sewer pipe. A drain is a small hole in the ground.

2. What is a sewer smell?

A sewer smell is the smell of sewage that comes from a manhole or a sewer pipe.

3. What causes sewer smell?

Sewer smell is caused by the smell of human waste and bacteria that come out of a sewer pipe.

4. How can I eliminate sewer smell?

There are many ways to eliminate sewer smell. You can use a deodorizer or a toilet bowl cleaner.

5. What are some tips to keep sewer smell from happening?

You should never flush anything down your toilet. You should also keep the lid of your toilet closed.

6. How can I avoid getting sick from the sewer smell?

You should wash your hands after using the bathroom. If you touch your face, you can get a rash from touching the sewer smell.

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