Math Behind a toilet paper: Length, width and lasts

Math Behind a toilet paper: Length, width and lasts

In this post, we describe the math behind toilet paper and why it matters for your bathroom. We also discuss the length, width, and last of different types of toilet paper.

If you have ever wondered how the size of the toilet paper roll is determined, then you are probably not alone. The answer to this question is surprisingly simple. When you buy a toilet paper roll, you have the option of choosing between two different sizes: “long” or “short.” The choice of which one you choose depends on the size of the toilet you have and how much toilet paper you need to use. You may have noticed that the length of the toilet paper roll you use is longer than the rolls used in other countries. Why? Well, in most countries, toilet paper rolls are typically made from a material called tissue paper. Tissue paper is made from wood pulp, which is a natural product that has been refined and processed. In contrast, the toilet paper rolls you use in the United States are made from a man-made product known as cellulose fiber. Cellulose fiber is a manufactured product that is made from tree pulp. It is a more refined and processed version of the wood pulp that is found in toilet paper rolls made in other countries. 

Math Behind a toilet paper

There are 12 sheets of tissue in a roll. How many of you can tell me how many tissues are in a box?

What’s your preferred roll size for any given product? And what’s your favorite roll size for each of your brands?

Not many, but the recycled world of toilet tissue is widely versed.

The most common types of categories include single, regular, double, and mega rolls, single ply, double, or triple-ply.

There are many different textures of tissue on the market today, including ultra-plush, extra strong, superior clean, quilted, premium, and much more.

You’ve no idea how much information we can squeeze into a small number of words in this article. If you just want a quick overview, you can read this article.

If you’re unsure of how much tissue you’ll use in a month, week, or day, it’s important to keep track of how much you use in a week or in a month?

 How Long is a Roll of Toilet Paper?

Everyone has a need for toilet paper, but you may not know how long a roll is. If you’re like most people, you probably think that a roll of toilet paper is the same as any other roll of toilet paper. But, if you want to be sure that you have enough toilet paper on hand, you should know exactly how much a roll is.

The length of a roll of tissue is three-and-a-half inches or 0.3 feet.

This is the standard size but some have a slightly longer or shorter length depending on the brand and type of tissue produced.

Since maxi-sized tissue rolls are so much longer, they contain way more sheets than the standard 1000-count pack.

How Wide is a Roll of Toilet Paper?

If you’re like me, you have a hard time visualizing what a roll of toilet paper looks like. You might think that a roll of toilet paper is just a big, fat roll of paper that you use to wipe your butt. But that’s not the case at all. There are actually a few different types of toilet paper. And when you start thinking about all the different sizes, shapes, and lengths of toilet paper that you can buy, it’s easy to see why people don’t always know how wide a roll of toilet paper is.

The average width of a roll of toilet paper is approximately 10 to 12 centimeters, which is about three and an eight-inch wide.

At first, it was four inches long, then it went down to 2.7 inches, and now it’s back to 3.1 inches again, with a chance of decreasing once more.

Other factors that affect the overall width of the roll also affect other roll paper functions, like the length of the roll paper.

Some of the factors that go into determining the number of sheets per roll include; Number of rolls in a pack The service length of the tissue paper The type of pallet and logistic unit The number of packs per bundle The core diameter All these elements come into play during the manufacturing of the toilet roll which then gives off different measurements.

How Tall is a Roll of Toilet Paper?

The toilet is one of the most important pieces of home technology, but it’s also one of the most neglected. Many people don’t realize that a roll of toilet paper can last a long time if you use it properly. If you’re buying toilet paper, you might be wondering how many rolls you should buy, or what type of toilet paper you should buy. So here’s everything you need to know about toilet paper:

A standard height of toilet paper is 90-100mm. That can be Translated to four inches. Other types of the roll could be shorter, almost resembling napkins, and are often used for wrapping food, and are

How Much Does a Roll of Toilet Paper Weigh?

A roll of toilet paper weighs about 0.5 pounds. Assuming a sheet is 4.5 inches by

4.5 inches. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on custom tissue paper. You can get it at office supply stores and in many grocery stores.

A number of factors contribute to the general weight of a tissue paper.

The base paper is the first thing you need to think about when it comes to making a paper that can withstand multiple folding cycles.

All different colored and textured tools will also have an additional amount of weight.

The number of plies in tissue is not related to the thickness of the sheet.

How is ply bonded? Lamination, where the embossed ingredients are simply glued, vs using a mechanical edge emboss, has different results.

Some companies manufacture toilet paper, while others use a different method, such as a blend of wood pulp, flax, cotton, and other ingredients.

Some people believe that tissues for home care are ordinary rolls of tissue therefore, it may have less weight, shorter, narrower and thinner.

How Long Should a Roll of Toilet Paper Last?

Now let’s get into maths a bit deeper and calculate. A toilet paper roll consists of  1000 sheets for a single ply and 500 for two-ply approximately, and so on for further plies. The number is not 100% certain with companies using the plus or minus sizing.

A person will use about 8 to 20 sheets per toilet use to equivalent an average of  60 sheets per day if we consider three uses of toilet per day.

The total amount of sheets per roll, assuming single ply, (1000) and divide by daily use (60)

will show us that it will last for 16 days  which is equal to two weeks and 2 days

This formula assumes all other elements are constant, such as you go to the toilet three times a day, the same number of sheets per visit, and one-ply tissue paper.

What Will Determine the Duration of toilet paper?

How many rolls of toilet paper do you have in your bathroom? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have an exact count. The truth is, toilet paper has a very simple formula: 3 x length x width. And since you’re not buying a roll of toilet paper every day, the amount you have on hand is a fairly good indicator of how long your toilet paper will last. To calculate how many rolls you should buy, simply multiply 4 x length x width and divide by 365. That’s it! However to be more accurate it depends on a number of factors explained as under.


This refers to the layering on the tissue. Layered tissue has more than one sheet that’s rolled together.

Plies are put between the layers of your bow to make the bow stronger. Multiple plies indicate that there are multiple plies.

To make a single-ply paper from tissue, one will end up using more sheets of tissue from the roll because one is too thin.


The roll will have different life spans depending on who the roll belongs to.

That’s because the more users there are, the more rolls you need.

In the above calculation, if you’re four in one household, then in a day you use 240 sheets.

The record will only last for four days.


Women need more tissue paper than men.

Women use more tissues than men, and most women get itchy when they wash their hands.

Probably because they use more boxes or for various other purposes rather than simply using it in the washroom.

Activities involved

Tissue is an invaluable home essential. Some people use it in the washroom to blow their nose, others use it to wipe different surfaces in the home, and others could even pack to use in public toilets while away from home.


It is impossible to compare with quality. Hotels spend more money on bathroom essentials than any other business.

This is why the hotel will probably put quality tissues in the room for their guests who end up using too much or even stealing to take home with them.


The higher quality the roll of toilet paper, the more likely you are to use it carefully, as opposed to using it haphazardly.

If you have spent a good amount of money buying quality tissue for your home, you may want to limit its use and save it for the future.


Different types of tissue rolls are available from regular, large, mega, super mega, and maxi.

You can buy the Maxi and use it for 2 months without problems.

For some people, the size might encourage them to use more than what they require as they see it’s large


In conclusion, toilet paper is measured by its length, width, and last. The length is the distance from the top of the roll to the bottom of the roll. The width is the distance from the left side of the roll to the right side of the roll. And the last is the distance from the front of the roll to the back of the roll.


How long is a toilet paper roll tube in inches?

The standard toilet paper width was 4.5 inches, but now manufacturers are manufacturing 4 inches in most cases.

How long is a toilet paper roll tube?

The average length of a standard toilet paper roll is 900 inches. But there are some other companies who produce different lengths.

How much does a roll of toilet paper weigh?

The weight of a standard toilet paper roll is 227 Gram.

How long is a toilet roll in meters?

The average length of a toilet paper roll is 33 meters.

How much is the thickness of toilet paper in mm?

The thickness of the toilet paper sheet is 0.1 mm to 0.5 mm

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