Round Toilet Seat, Dimensions, Pros & Cons

round toilet seat

How To Find The Perfect Round Toilet Seat For Your Home! Round Toilet Seats: How To Choose The Best One For Your Home! Round toilet seats are gaining popularity in the bathroom, and we want to share with you why and how to choose one. There are a lot of benefits of using a round … Read more

Toilet Paper Math: How Long, Wide, Tall & Lasts

Toilet paper maths

Toilet Paper Math: How Long, Wide, Tall & Lasts  Find out how to do toilet paper math in less than a minute! For years, the standard advice for buying toilet paper was to go for the longest, widest, and tallest option. This worked well for the average consumer, but for some people, it was too … Read more

Can we use Coke for cleaning Toilet?

Clean toilet with coke

How to Clean Toilet with Coke? Do you have a problem with clogged toilets? Try this amazing new method! Coke is a household name, but did you know it’s also a great way to clean your toilet bowl? We’re going to show you how to clean your toilet bowl with Coke. Toilet bowl cleaning is … Read more

Who Invented Toilet? History, Where, When & Facts

who invented toilet

 The History of the Toilet, From Ancient Rome To Today’s Modern Era The history of the toilet from ancient Rome to today’s modern era, including the invention of the toilet by the Chinese, the invention of the modern toilet by Thomas Crapper, and the invention of the modern flush toilet by Alexander Cummings. Find Out … Read more

Wooden Toilet Seats: a critical review 

wooden toilet seat

Wooden Toilet Seats: a critical review In this post, we present a critical review of wooden toilet seats. We’ll show you the pros and cons of wooden toilet seats and help you decide whether they’re right for your bathroom. Wooden toilet seats have been around for ages. Most people don’t think about them when they … Read more

Who Invented the Toilet first time?

who invented toilet

Who Invented the Toilet the first time? In this post, we explore the history of the toilet, from the ancient Greeks to the present day. We also explain who invented the toilet first time, and where it all began. who Invented the Toilet First Time? : A Brief History Of The Invention Of The Toilet People … Read more

How to Clean Toilet Bowl with Coke?

how to clean toilet with coke

How to clean the toilet bowl with coke? This article provides the solution to your problem. How to clean your toilet bowl with coke, this is a quick solution. Diet cola or normal cola which is generally known as Coca-Cola can be used as an effective and eco-friendly toilet bowl cleaner. It doubles up as … Read more

How to Unclog a Toilet?

How to unclog a toilet

How to Unclog a Toilet? A clogged toilet is one of the most annoying things that could happen. If not taken care of properly, then a clogged drain can lead to serious health problems such as an infection or an emergency trip to the hospital. However, there are many ways in which you can solve … Read more